**My dear friend, sister in heart, and collaborative writing partner EliseVanCise introduced me to a website entitled OneWord. Each day a new word prompt is given and you, the writer, has sixty seconds to “[w]rite what ever that particular word inspires.”
My immediate inspiration for the October 16th word prompt: “telescope” was a scene involving an aged Captain Jack Aubrey. I’ve decided to include each day’s OneWord prompt into a continuing series “Man-O-War.” Enjoy. **

The telescope rested quietly under a glass case now. It had outlived it’s usefulness. “Much like it’s owner”, he mused. Still ruggedly handsome, the gentleman peered out over the sea. His long blonde hair, once tied with a black ribbon, was now cropped short and as pale white as the sails that once adorned his beloved ship.

Run like smoke and oakum!

He turned at the sound of his darling wife setting down a tray of tea and biscuits. He pressed a kiss to her lips then took his seat at the aged desk. Once again putting pen to paper, he continued his memoirs. “Seven weeks sailing and they happened in darkness on our exact position…”

Battle with the Acheron

A smile touched his lips as the memory played out on paper. “With the mirth of a child with a new toy, Stephen hoisted the octopus and claimed it to be edible. In the end, not pleasing to the palate, but quite the adventure. How does one eat a creature with suckers that won’t release the plate?”

Octopus for supper?

“…Sand was tossed to the floor, however not quickly enough to soak up the blood that rained down from the table. Stephen slipped repeatedly and I marveled at how steady we was able to remain. Still, the young man succumbed to his injuries. Yet another soul committed to the sea…”

Another soul committed to the sea

“…bronzed golden by the sun, her body was round and firm, as supple as I’ve ever seen. Her lush, ample bosom was pressed high by her corseted gown, as was the costume of the day. Though lovely, the temptation of her only called forth the longing for my own dear Sophie.”

Longing for home and hearth

Jack arched a brow at the intruder now perched atop the papers it had just scattered. He lifted the cat by the scruff of his neck. “On ship you’d be chasing rats to earn your keep. What occupation have you now except to cause mischief?”
The innocent mewl in reply pulled a smile from Jack’s face. “You’re fortunate Sophie adores you so.”


“…Stephen peered up from the microscope and muttered something about ‘iridescent patches on the belly of a Sceloporous.’ As always, I endured to show my appreciation of his enthusiasm for his latest discovery…
…Fortunately, Stephen was always forgiving about my attention being overtaken by own my enthusiasm for the sound of the waves that crashed against the hull of my ship.”

The sea is calling...