Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Balladry

Belated balladry for 'A to Z Blogging Challenge 2001' due April 2nd:

Birthday Balladry
(Poem written by me and my daughter Kayli about her scooter. This is a true story...)

Birthday present, birthday present,
What’s inside?
Today I got my scooter,
My heart is filled with pride!

My scooter is sliver
And the wheels are red.
But mom says I can’t ride it,
Unless I have a helmet on my head.

I ride my scooter everywhere,
I go super fast and super slow.
I used to ride it inside,
But I ran over my mom’s toe.

I passed my mom and brother,
While riding down the hall.
But wasn’t looking where I was going
And I fell against the wall.

I’m done talking about my scooter now,
The story is getting old.
So I hope you remember all of it,
Because it’s finished being told.

(P.S. Happy Birthday to my Hubby! :)


  1. Great job Kayli! And a very happy birthday to Art :)

  2. Clever! Hope you're enjoying the Challenge.

  3. Thank you, Elise & Karen. I'm definitely enjoying the challenge even though I'm still a day behind. :)